Saturday, October 6, 2012

Almost there.

I've been working on it for a while but the Indiegogo campaign is almost ready to go, hopefully in the next two weeks. The animatic is up on Youtube which will only be accessible via the link on the campaign.

It's kind of nerve wracking to show the animatic, it's so raw. A lot of people who will view it may not realize that it is far from the finished product. Those who have seen it have been favorable in their response so far which fills me with confidence. It's always hard when you're close to a project to be objective, there's always a point you doubt your own decisions.

$10 000 sounds like a lot to be trying to raise, but then I've spent almost $25 000 of my own money on modelling, having mattes painted and sound mixing for the animatic. Of course I also took the trouble to register a trade mark.

Seems to be a tough journey trying to get a short film with obviously commercial goals in mind done this way. I've been asked why not try and sell it?

There are two reasons for that:

a/the few studio type people who have looked at it liked it but only saw the cute aspect and simply said "Hollywood isn't doing that type of thing anymore, it's too cute."Well too me that means I'm on the right track, who wants to do what everybody else is doing? Besides did anyone read what type of project I have in mind? NO.  The look is just a way through the door.

b/ I've become convinced that trying to own your work as far into the development process if not beyond is the best way to get your vision up on screen and not somebody elses. Of course there's the plus side of greater financial reward if it takes off.

For now, I just want to make the film and have fun doing it. It's slow moving, working to pay the bills and using what spare cash is available to take steps forward, but I'm very thankful to those people who have volunteered their own time to the cause and look forward to sharing what the future brings with them.

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