Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BHB has a composer

It's official I finally have a composer for Bounty Hunter Bunny, Mike de Souza - welcome to the project.

I've opted to get away from the obvious cartoon type music, it always seems forced and tends to make the comedy not so funny, plus it sounds cheap. If you look at the classic cartoons of the 30s through to the 50s the music doesn't go out of i's way to sound goofy or silly, it's real music, some classical some contemporary.

Being a western it will need to sound like one but I'm hoping to avoid getting too country and western, but rather more modern with a more heavy guitar sound in the confrontational scenes and the earlier scenes being tempered by a quieter guitar tone to reflect the deleriousness of wandering across a hot desert landscape. Of course there will be the odd nod to Morricone, after all his work is ingrained in our collective consiousness now and it wouldn't be a western without some kind of reference.

The journey is just beginning I will leave it to Mike to find the sound - now for the next part finishing the characters and sets.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Readjusting animatic

Over the last couple of days I've been re-adjusting parts of the animatic. Mostly to sharpen the gags so that they play faster. I found it dragging in places and so did the people I've shown it too.

All too often I see animated shows where the gags are either too fast or too slow. Character based gags need time to build up and are driven by character nuances, surprise, punch in your face gags need to be fast to be funny.

I need to add some panels in places, I have till January 26 which is when I want to talk to my potential composer/musician Mike de Souza.