Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bunny has a Producer

It's been a long time in announcing, but it's official Michael Pattison, "Geordie" to those who know him has taken on the role of Producer on Bounty Hunter Bunny. He will be instrumental in getting the production organized and subsequently finished for release.

There are a few details to iron out so hopefully we'll have a tentative completion date soon. Geordie's role will free me up to finalize the last of the art duties and settle down to directing and raising the last of the funds.

I worked with Geordie when I was directing episodes of the Flying Bark series Enyo and found him to be very creative and intuitive in the film making process. A perfect sounding board for ideas with no hesitation in voicing his opinion. Welcome aboard Geordie, I'm happy to working with you again.

Our first goal this month is to model up the bar tender pictured in the above revised storyboard, which will complete character modelling on the film and make way for previz while skinning the characters and texture mapping the sets.

This film has been too long in the making, but the hard part is almost out of the way.