Friday, December 14, 2012

Only 3 Weeks Left

It's kind of disheartening to be so far into the campaign and no real progress. I'm not really sure what that means, other projects have money being thrown at them, maybe I'm doing something wrong, maybe it's my pitch . . .  I have no idea. Simple explanation is, people either don't get what I'm trying to do or just hate it.

The monumental indifference is overwhelming, especially from a large portion of friends and family. OK, I do have support in other ways from some friends who have offered to work on spec and that's exactly how we're going to move forward, unfortunately that path is slow as we all need to work and pay our bills.

Until another solution presents itself spec it will be, I certainly promise to share in the spoils, if any. I love the character and see where it will go, it will be finished come hell or high water.

There are other stories and characters in the Bounty Hunter Bunny universe, like Cairo, which I'm itching to get to.

I am considering one more campaign later in January, well after the holiday season . . . .


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    1. Sure, look me up on Facebook, or post your link here and I'll add it.