Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gun? or No Gun?

 Been sketching Stinky's holster today and can't seem to decide if he should have a gun in it or not. I went for putting the holster on his shoulder, with his pants half falling down having the holster on his waist would look messy and awkward. I kind of like having that big gun there but on the flip side it could say more about who is by him not having a gun but just the holster.

Maybe he lost it or something, maybe he stole the holster without the gun, not sure yet. He is supposed to be a huge, filthy, smelly dude who could easily knock out a horse. What do you think? Feel free to make a suggestion.

FYI, although not in the animatic I'm going to have flies constantly buzzing around his head and maybe a subtle odor vapor.

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