Friday, March 25, 2011

BUNNY update

It's been a very long time since my last post, alot has happened since then, most importantly a change of address.

Now, on the BOUNTY HUNTER BUNNY front, I have finally finished my animatic and tested with very favorable results. Those who have seen it laugh in the right spots. It's always nerve racking to show your work in such an early state.

As you know last year I tried to raise money for my score, that didn't go too well, but really that was more of an experiment to see how things work. I've taken notes and am about to try again soon . . . watch this space.

With the help of my friend and volunteer Steve Cypreos, I will soon be modelling the villain Stinky as seen above in my recent sketches of the character. Between storyboarding and meeting deadlines to pay my bills, I need to finish the turn around in the next few weeks.

I also recently tried to obtain funding from Screen Australia, again  with no luck, but, I'm not surprised. Historically this is not the type of thing they fund.

I will soon have a Cafepress store up to sell Bunny T-shirts and stuff to help with funding and a comic strip is also currently in development.

Come back soon - this is the year of the rabbit after all, till then here are some BG mattes painted up by Mike Rule. These will be used behind the CG sets with added dust haze. Enjoy!

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