Tuesday, June 15, 2010



A large grubby man, STINKY, stands at the bar slurping his poison through a straw. CAMERA angles around revealing the silhouetted BUNNY in the doorway - a Moriconi type musical sting punctuates the moment, a portent of things to come.

Well - at least that's the way I see the shot where our hero meets the bad guy. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP.

At http://www.indiegogo.com/BOUNTY-HUNTER-BUNNY

I have set up a puplic funding drive to raise funds for the music and sound.


Is simple, to add the music and sound effects to the animatic. From there the animation will be created in time with the soundtrack - just like cartoons were traditionally made.

For those interested please follow the above link at which I have listed some 'perks' should you help. I do plan to take this character beyond the single 5 minute cartoon and I plan to offer more freebies as time goes by - I WON'T FORGET YOUR HELP.

I will be posting some test footage on YouTube soon.


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